A prudent research of Australian weather conditions and customer demand has brought Braemar Evolution Cooler to life with many recognition from the world for its efficiently free flow as well as famous world patent. The Braemar Evolution Cooler is a genuine slope tank cooler design which means it has a substantially lower profile than traditional box shaped coolers. This means it is completely hidden below the roof line of the house from street view. In addition, this Australian creative design is acclaimed for reliability under extreme conditions by using sustainable materials.

Customer experience is taken into consideration since this product upgrades customer’s life to higher level of satisfaction. All the customer concerns have been solved such as exceptional cool air delivery, excellent saturation efficiency, quiet stealth fan, water and energy efficient.

This new innovative product by Sinclair Product Design has been outperforming other products on the market with its latest cutting edge level of cooling capacity.

View product video here

Distribution at various heating and cooling outlets. 


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