The Pope brand has been synonyms with home gardening experts in Australia and New Zealand. The Click and Go sprinkler product line comes in a metal and plastic base with unique easily customizable sprinkler heads. Significantly, the creative design of the, “Click and Go,” plastic base sprinkler with the curved silhouette allows smooth slide return through freshly watered grass with the Pope auto wind hose reel. In addition to being easily customizable and leak-proof it comes with a flow through option for daisy chain connection of multiple sprinklers.

Sinclair Product Design always respects the history of every brand, the chosen of the design of the metal base sprinkler is an evolution of the traditional pyramid sprinkler creating a sense of nostalgia within the product range.

The Pope, “Click and Go,” sprinkler range growing success demonstrates how Sinclair Product Design can anticipate and engage the changeable and fast developing customer demand with every aspect of their service.

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