Pope Premium hose reel is an essential gardening tool that can hold up to 35 meters of 12mm hose. It allows your garden to stay tidy with hassle-free winding hose and save water resources regardless of your garden size. In addition to its main function, Pope Premium hose reel is developed into a compact design solution in Australia by Sinclair Product Design with prudent application of customer research, which features a heavy-duty frame with comfort grip handles, and still being easy to assemble for user from all different age ranges.

Since its first introduction, Pope Premium hose reel has driven Pope popularity to the world by its unique and innovative Easy Guides to serve more than just customer’s demand, but to upgrade customer gardening lifestyle to more innovative standard. With thorough Australian environment insights and taking user experience into account have brought Pope premium hose reel to be an essential part of the 90 years long history as the most trusted garden brand.

Distributions at: Bunnings    


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